Freezer storage

06.jpgThe warehouse complex UWC offers for lease some of the most modernized freezer store-rooms within Moscow, with 24 hour temperature control between -18 and -22 C. These freezer storages will cater to any goods, which require deep freezing – foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.



Terms of lease include the following features:

  • temperature control from-18 to -22 C.
    Storing stock in these conditions can be long-term, which ensures its quality, right up to the moment of sale.
  • Freon cooling system.
  • Cooling systems by “Bitzer” (Germany).
    The freezer-storage spaces on offer at our warehouse complex are fully fittedwith modern, specialized engineering systems, which help maintain the correct and stable temperature within the stores. Of course the temperature may be varied, according to client needs. Effective storage is realized by means of implementing the newest technologies, put together according to the latest European standards. The appropriate atmosphereis maintained using modern “Bitzer” temperature control systems.
  • Areas on offer start from 400 sq.m.
  • The total area of the block is 30 000 sq.m.
    The complex is a firm rank “B+”, which is attributed to a facility, provided they meet the standards and have the right essentials.
  • Ceiling height from 4 to 6 meters
    This allows for a more rational use of the free space within the freezer storage space.
  • Pillar sparsity – 6 meters.
  • Floors – concrete with anti-dust coating.
    Each area is linked by even flooring, which can take a heavy load. Anti-dust coating eliminates the build-up of dust on the floor and on the product packaging.
  • Building levels — ground and basement
  • Gates — automatic.
    The complex is fitted with automatic gates, developed using top-class European technologies. These gates allow entrance of various vehicles onto the premises, which has a positive effect on the promptness of logistical operations.
  • Simultaneous servicing of up to 400 freight vehicles, as well as up to 30 rail-cars.
  • Loading equipment – elevators (capacity – 3 tonnes), forklifts.
    The United Warehouse Company enjoys a full range of loading equipment, which is undoubtedly a positive feature, considering the diversity of companies and freights we deal with.

We offer our clients:

  • optimal lease rates on cool-storage spaces
  • safety of stock due to an uninterrupted operation of the cooling systems
  • quality service and infrastructure
  • individual approach to every client

In the past few years, lease of freezer-storage space has become a common factor in running a business for many companies, this is exactly why we are seeing an increased demand for this service. When choosing refrigerated storage, there are some things one must take into account. Stock items in need of special care are very demanding and a susceptible to damage by the slightest mishandling, during their storage. This is exactly why the chosen warehouse complex should be trustworthy, reliable and fully fitted. We guarantee careful handling and caring for our clients' commodities , and creating the most optimal conditions and micro-climate for any type of stock. To maintain a calm and stress-free environment we employ an experienced security team, which oversees the safety and security of the entire complex 24 hour a day. To their assistance we have CCTV and other safety systems.

By choosing our warehouse, you can be assured that you stock will be maintain its quality and remain in an immaculate condition, seeing as we provide the best storage conditions 24 hours a day 365 days a year, for all kinds of goods, even the most demanding ones.

Please note the convenient location of the complex “UWC”. The nearby Kashirskoe and Varshavskoe highways provide easy connection between the city-center and its outskirts. Leasing space in such a convenient location will play a vital role on time-keeping and efficiency of transportation, and ultimately on the realization of your stock.

We offer lease of freezer-storage at reasonable rates. Providing the best storage conditions has been the bedrock of our success for quite some time now.

Quality is best stored chilled!

Interested in leasing freezer-storage space?

    1. contact the lease department on: +7 (495) 363-19-00
    2. pose your query.
    3. use other contacts provided,on our site.

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