Lease of low-temperature storage spaces

19 стр.jpgThe warehouse complex “United Warehouse Company” offers low-temperature storage for lease. The temperature range on offer is between +5 and -20 C, for storing goods in need of special care.

The spaces on offer (cold and freezer storage) correspond to all requirements of a European class “B+” facility in interior and fitting.

The low-temperature block at UWC offers 30 000 sq.m. of chilled storage space.



Parameters of cold storage spaces

Areas of low-temperature rooms: from 400 m2
Ceiling height: 4 — 6 meters
Pillar sparsity: 6 meters
Temperature range: from +5 to -22 0С
Cooling equipment: Appliances by Bitzer – modern tech equipment with European standards
Gates: automated
Loading docks: For trucks and rail-cars.
Floor: Concrete floor with anti-dust coating.
Number of storeys: Ground floor and basement
Lifts: 3 tonne capacity.
Safety/Security: Security, fire-alarm system

Quality is best stored chilled

Low-temperature storage complexes,01.jpg of those cold storages and freezer storages included are the most important stages of allocating goods , in between supplier and outlet. Many of moscows companies have already made the UWC complex their pick of the day service providers in logistics. So far these companies have had the chance to truly evaluate the level of service, security and convenience of our complex. Our cold storage clients are predominantly food companies, storing foodstuffs – all from vegetation to meats. Other tenant profiles include pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.

Providing the necessary conditions for storing goods, by finely adjusting the temperature is our priority here at UWC.


Optimal climate conditions.


All our cold-storage spaces are fitted with the latest in line technologies. To ensure optimal climate conditions, the warehouse is installed with universal systems Bitzer, German-made. Commodities in need of special conditions will fit perfectly within the low-temperature stores, where temperature control is variable between +5 and -22 C. The ceiling height reaches 6 meters, which allows for a more rational exploitation of storage space. The floors are fitted with anti-dust coating, preventing the build-up of dirt and anti-sanitary conditions.

Loading and unloading of freights is made easy with our modern lifts, capacity – 3 tonnes. The territory provides with a rail-track, and a fitted loading dock, which can service 30 rail-cars at once. The ppremises are under 24 hour surveillance by a professional and reliable security crew.

If you the relationship of of quality and price is important to you, then storage provided by the UWC complex is your ideal option.

Quality is best stored chilled!

Interested in leasing low-temperature storage?

  1. contact the lease department on: +7 (985) 924-70-07
  2. pose your query.
  3. use other contacts provided , on our site.

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