About the Company

UWC is one of the largest logistics complexes within the MKAD ring. The facility was established in 1993 and is situated in the Southern district of the city, just 7 km away from the MKAD ring. Convenient access is due to several large routes running in the vicinity005 photo_by_Gro-M__IMG_9260.jpg (Lipetskaya street, Kashirskoe and Varshavskoe highways), as well as a rail-track, which provides direct access to the main rail-road in the Paveletskaya direction. Such level of accessibility, of course, plays a vital role in shipping and receiving goods right on schedule. This convenient geographical location is a substantial key to running a successful business. Abiding the rules of logistics, and perfecting the corresponding processes , we can proudly say that we have established a fine-tuned and effective streamline running of our company. We have brought into being a high-quality, economical project of an efficient warehouse complex.

Our Advantages:

  • the territory of the complex allows for 250 freight trucks and 30 rail-road cars to be serviced at any one instance;
  • storing your stock in safe conditions and within the city limits allows you to save precious time, when delivering your consignments to the required outlet points.
  • сold rooms and freezer stores are fitted with modern equipment and systems matching the European standards;
  • the territory is well-maintained and has a new coat of paving;
  • easy-listening musical background throughout the premises;
  • tenants can opt for audio advertisin;
  • professional management and qualified personnel;
  • advantageous contractual terms and conditions, aimed at a long-term business relationship;
  • round the clock surveillance of the complex;
  • security alarm systems and CCCTV;
  • power maintenance crew on 24-hour duty;
  • all possible utilities provided;
  • a stand-alone boiler;
  • high-speed Internet and telecommunications;
  • availability of a cafe and a grocery shop on site.

Our services:

  • Lease of heated storages, in Moscow, direct from owner, without any third-party involvement;
  • Lease of production spaces;
  • Lease of cold rooms;
  • Lease of low-temperature storage;
  • Lease of Freezer storage;
  • Lease of offices and warehouse spaces in Moscow.
115516, Moscow, Kavkazsky Boulevard, 57
Secretary:               +7 (495) 601-99-77
Lease department:   +7 (985) 290-90-90