UWC is one of the largest logistics complexes within the MKAD ring. The facility was established in 1993 and is situated in the Southern district of the city, just 7 km away from the MKAD ring. Convenient access is due to several large routes running in the vicinity005 photo_by_Gro-M__IMG_9260.jpg (Lipetskaya street, Kashirskoe and Varshavskoe highways), as well as a rail-track, which provides direct access to the main rail-road in the Paveletskaya direction. Such level of accessibility, of course, plays a vital role in shipping and receiving goods right on schedule. This convenient geographical location is a substantial key to running a successful business. Abiding the rules of logistics, and perfecting the corresponding processes , we can proudly say that we have established a fine-tuned and effective streamline running of our company. We have brought into being a high-quality, economical project of an efficient warehouse complex.

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